Meet The Team

Papi’s Pickles provide a supportive and nurturing environment for our trainee chefs, enabling access to an income, skills and confidence-building opportunities.

Abi Ramanan, Founder

Abi is a serial entrepreneur committed to harnessing the power of the food industry for social good. Abi passionately believes in valuing women's work and in the transformational potential of living wage, meaningful employment for migrant and refugee communities.

Shanthini Ramanan, Head Chef

Shanthini has decades of experience in cooking South Indian cuisine, and we owe our recipes and values to her. Shanthini’s favourite part about being a Head Chef is innovative menu development; she is also a qualified Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor, specialising in mental health.

Radhi Mani, Head Chef

Radhi designs our trainee chef programme and is responsible for kitchen management and pickle development. Some of Radhi’s earliest memories include accompanying her grandmother to local markets in Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu. Radhi is also a Management Accountant, ACMA.

Papilda, Trainee Chef

Papilda left Sri Lanka during the conflict and we met through the Tamil community in Tooting. Working with us as a trainee chef enabled Papilda to secure a part-time catering assistant position at a local school; her Papi's Pickles signature dish is coconut milk rice and aubergine sothi.

Jaya, Trainee Chef

Jaya relocated to the UK twelve years ago and she is the sole breadwinner for her family. At Papi's Pickles, Jaya gets an income boost in addition to a catering assistant position at a local cafe; her signature dish is Sri Lankan mutton rolls with yoghurt & mint sauce - our best seller!

Rekha, Trainee Chef

Rekha has been living in the UK for the past 10 years after relocating from Sri Lanka; working with Papi's Pickles as a trainee chef is her first paid position. Rekha's signature dish is Sri Lankan fish bondas with onion sambal and her experimentation with flavours is a huge asset to us!

Ruby, Former Trainee Chef

Ruby has lived in the UK for over twelve years and worked with Papi's Pickles between 2015 and 2018 as our longest running trainee chef. Working with us was transformative for Ruby, and enabled her to successfully find subsequent employment as a beautician.

Inthumathy, Former Trainee Chef

Inthumathy moved to the UK during the conflict in Sri Lanka, and always had a desire to work. The financial independence and confidence gained from working with Papi’s Pickles for two years enabled Inthumathy to find full-time employment as a school lunchtime assistant.

Chrishanthi, Former Trainee Chef

Chrishanthi has lived in the UK for over 10 years, but struggled to find work prior to Papi’s Pickles. Chrishanthi was a trainee chef for two years and now volunteers with her daughter's school while providing her culinary expertise to the occasional wedding or catering event with us.

  • Papi’s Pickles were a delight to work with from start to finish. The staff were highly professional, delivered fantastic food and the pickles are incredible. I’d have them back at the House of Parliament everyday if I could!

    Ralph Buckle, Co Founder & Director, Commonwealth Exchange
  • There are not many south Asian eating opportunities like this in London for the casual food appreciator. Everything tasted very fresh and there was good attention to detail across the meal – a very good diverse 3 course menu. I booked a table with a group of friends after work and was well looked after. Thumbs up!

    Terry Knight, Point Pedro + Pondicherry Pop Up Attendee
  • Great hosts, great atmosphere and delicious food, what more could you want!

    Ilana Taub, Cinnamon Kitchen Olympics Pop Up Attendee
  • Working with Papi’s Pickles has given me more than just an income, I have gained confidence, I am able to travel across London to events. My English has improved and I feel much happier day-to-day.

    Ruby Kughanathan, Trainee Chef
  • You guys were such a job to work with – so charming, professional, accommodating and talented! Everyone raved about your food and the VIP lunch was a resounding success by all accounts.

    Zoe Desmond, TEDx EastEnd Event Manager & Catering Client
  • Pickles-wise, the team have got their vinegary fingers on beetroots, carrots, limes, mangos and figs. Puts your local chip shop’s pickled eggs to shame, eh?

    Time Out Magazine